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Fleet Scheduling

Transportation Services has a friendly, well trained staff prepared to offer a wide range of services and vehicles for all your college transportation related business needs. We provide safe, clean, dependable and reliable transportation to Administrators, faculty and staff. Taking you miles and miles around to help support the teaching and learning experience. Our on-line vehicle request form adds comfort and ease when requesting a vehicle.

You can view your vehicle reservation and check the availability of a fleet vehicle on the PC Fleet Calendar. 

Only employees who are in possession of a valid AZ Driver's License, have been the subject of a satisfactory motor vehicle record review, and have completed and passed the MCCCD Defensive Driving Course are authorized to drive a PC vehicle.  Access the MCCCD online Defensive Driver Training Course to get started (follow instructions under MCCCD Motor Vehicle Driving Requirements below).

Once you have completed the Defensive Driver Training course, please contact Rose Gilbert at x57536 or Priscilla Gonzales at x57437 for further direction regarding the Motor Vehicle Record Review.

The Administrative regulation 4.14 provides us with a written procedure for employees to be able to drive District owned and operated vehicles.


Motor Vehicle Driving Requirements

Employees of the Maricopa County Community College District who drive district-owned vehicles must complete two requirements, as per Administrative Regulation 4.14:

  1. They must take and pass an online defensive driving training course (link is listed below under procedures).
  2. They must submit to an inquiry by a certified Public Safety police officer into their Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Driving History that shows a satisfactory driving record by completing the Motor Vehicle Record and Driving History Release Form.

Once both requirements are met, the employee will be authorized to drive district vehicles.

  • Subsequent MVR reviews will be conducted annually by Public Safety to ensure a satisfactory driving record.
  • Employees must successfully complete the online defensive-driving course every three years.

Defensive-Driving Training Course Procedures

Your first step is to register for the Maricopa Community College online driver training course by logging into Employee Learn Center using your MEID and password.

  • Follow the instructions on this Quick Reference Guide to access the training
  • In order to receive credit for completeing this course, you must pass the final exam with a score of 80% or better. Your test score will be immediately available, and you may attempt the test as many times as necessary.
  • If you have questions or problems, feel free to contact the Center for Employee & Organizational development at 480.731.8209,

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Review

  • Sign a Motor Vehicle Record and Driving History Release Form (also available from your Public Safety office). This form must be signed in order to proceed with the process. MVR reviews are confidential and will be disclosed only to employees with a legitimate need to know this information.
  • Once the MVR review is completed and you have met all requirements, you will be authorized to drive a district vehicle.
  • If you have a driving history record tha precludes you from driving a district vehicle, PC Fleet Services will notify you. See Conditions for Disqualification from Operating a District Vehicle (also available from your Public Safety office).

Please view the Vehicle Usage Guidelines slideshow for information specific to PC's fleet process.

Here are the required steps to become eligible to drive any College owned utility cart:

  1. Complete and pass the Safe Use and Operation of Utility Carts training in the Employee Learn Center.
  2. Send an email to Rose Gilbert or Priscilla Gonzales in Fleet Services to confirm that you have completed the training.
  3. Any employee who drives a cart on public roads, including public sidewalks, needs to additionally qualify as an authorized driver. Follow instructions under MCCCD Motor Vehicle Driving Requirements.
  4. Await confirmation.